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About cattery

I can't remember myself when my adventure with cats began. In the beginning, a gorgeous tortoiseshell Persian she-cat Kleopatra showed up at my house. She was a proud girl always striding ahead not looking back at the household members. While she was passing away she took my heart with her leaving the sorrowful emptiness. “Not any more!”, I said to myself.


After six months of despair I made up my mind to purchase a real creature. I have been always admiring the nudes and that's why I decided to make my dream come true. All my friends I let into my plans tried to discourage me from taking the choice. After searching for a long time and browsing tens of Internet websites the choice was made – the Canadian Sphynx.


On a Russian cattery's website I saw a kitty which put the spell on me. Having been waiting for long, on 27th September 2010 I collected Nela from the Warsaw Okęcie airport.


But well, "One cat just leads to another." (Ernest Hemingway)


I noticed the next cat quite by chance. It was love at first sight.  Cupid's arrow hit me co accurately that I did everything to make the boy become mine. We spent Christmas 2010 in a wider group.


Only then did I know that "A cat adds soul to your home" (Clebert)


I decided to set up a small yet professional cattery whose guiding principle would be to create a perfect Sphynx. These little wonders have taken possession of my mind and heart and become my passion, love and obsession. They have become the most important part of my life which I can't imagine my future without any more.


"A home without a cat - and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat - may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title?" (Mark Twain)


Beata Białooka, Canadian Sphynx Cattery - My Sphynx*PL


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