Canadian Sphynx

I was wondering how a text included here should contribute to the case.

The breeders are knowledgeable about what the breed standard approved by the organization covers. The most important feature for those who want to own a cat is its character. I have decided to write a couple of words for those who haven't come into contact with a Sphynx and want to make the decision to buy it.


Once somebody who saw my cats said that they are so ugly that even beautiful. It seems to be the most accurate epithet for these unusual creatures.
A wrinkled naked figure of a Sphynx can arouse either admiration or disgust. It is undoubtedly a breed for a cat connoisseur. It is the highlight of any hearth and home. Big eyes and ears remind those of a bat. Soft-to-the-touch skin resembles velvet or warm sticky rubber. And the favourite game – first one to touch the ground loses – these are the characteristic features of this cat breed.


Those who have got to know this creature are never indifferent towards it. It is a real nature wonder. It's not difficult to fall in love with its appearance and most of all in its character. The would-be owner, if you don't like loneliness and you won't mind a shadow in the form of a four-legged friend, you can treat yourself with a bit of luxury in the form of a loyal baldie.


The creature is attached to a person, not to a place. Its home is where its master is. When it comes to care, basic things should be done such as bathing, cleaning ears and trimming claws.


The strong argument in favour of this breed is lack of fur blowing around in the rooms of our oasis of peace. And most importantly, when you own a cat like this, the risk of producing allergic reactions is reduced, yet not eliminated.


If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact me.
My Sphynx Breeder Beata Białooka