• Little Elisa - almost 5 months
    Little Elisa - almost 5 months

De Bliss Elizaveta

Imported from Ukraina

born on: 28.09.2011

colour: blue mink (a 32)


father: Baby Rah Fearless

mother: Grand Oray Hazy


blood group: A



Little Elisa because this way we are calling to it at home was at me by sheer coincidence.  Such a kitty it is possible only to seek and only dreams remain.


Girl of the blue solidus face I sought for two years. But kittens on photograph which caught my fancy they were left in breeding or just by chance were already sold.



I examined all girls, I wrote, I talked and I thought that this lucky day would never come.  As far as one day Daria from Ukrainian breeding in the correspondence showed off her girl which she decided to leave at herself.  She wasn't tiny for sale.

It wasn't easily.  Much water passed and we said many words before Daria surrendered to my arguments and the personal charm.


This longed-for day and r.na 9 February 2012 came for airport in Warsaw I saw the girl with blue eyes.  Indeed the kitty was super brought up and pampered to border possibilities.


Little Elisa very much quickly settled in.  She was afraid of nothing and had no inhibitions. .


The most of everything tiny loves hands.  He is nestling into shoulders embracing with one's small little hands I am sewing.  It is looking out as if wanted to catch herself and to hold with all her might so that nobody for her tears away by force.  In addition so loud he is humming, that as far as it is impossible that such a sonorous tone gets out of such a short wench.  When something doesn't suit her is screaming as if for her great injustice happened.  In this way he is conning me and is extorting sure behaviours.


The rest of the cat's gang very much quickly accepted her and let her on a lot of more how alone I would want.


I sometimes think that Elizka is enough intelligent, that is controlling his behaviour with us everyone.


Date-Place / Evaluation / Judge

2012.03.10.  Wałbrzych / Ex 1, NOM Encore (3-6 months) / Mr. Martin Cabin, CZ

2012.03.11.  Wałbrzych / Ex 1, NOM encore, BIV (3-6 months) / Hamalainen Mrs. Satu, FI