• 10.09.2012

IC Baby Rah Moon Kiss Tarkus

Imported from Russia

born on: 06.10.2010

colour: seal of messages white bicolor (n03 33)

father: GCH Bredberry Geniality

mother: ICH Baby Rah Britania

blood type: A


This Boy was in my house by sheer coincidence.  I saw the side through neither and I saw that he was selling it.  Already wczesniej I examined him photographer. Very much I then liked him.  Perfect head from darkness with turquoise eyes.  The gigantic brake light and the short snout. I wrote to her and I got an answer at once. The decision was fast - I am buying.  It is beautiful tomcat.  With the temperament, obedient. It is he to a small extent filled the gap privately after my Unisiu beloved.




And in this way the coincidence caused that the tomcat had inhabited in my hodolowli despite everyone and everything.




Date-Place / Rate / Judge

2012.09.09. Warszawa /Ex 1, CAC/ Mrs. Stephanie Serrai, DK

2012.10.13. Białystok /Ex 1, CAC/ Mr. Steven L. Jones, NO

2012.10.14. Białystok /Ex 1, CAC/ Mr. Ireneusz Pruchniak, PL



2013.06.22. Olsztyn /Ex 1, CACIB, NOM BIS/ Mrs. Kvetoslava Mahelkova, CZ

2013.06.23. Olsztyn /Ex 1, CACIB/ Mrs. Thea Friskovec, SI

2013.10.05. Litwa, Kowno /Ex 1, CACIB/ Mr. Gianfranco Mantowani, IT



2013.10.06. Litwa, Kowno /Ex 1, CAGCIB/ Mrs. Eva Wielend Schilla, CH