• 24.08.2013

Litter U - GIC Unique Junior My Sphynx

He was born in my breeding

breeding: 28.08.2011

colour: red and white harlequin mink (d 02 31)

father: IC Joser Unique

mother: GIC Merloni Neapolitaniya

blood type: A


At the beginning I should explain, that name of tomcat is in honour of his IC JOSER UNIQUE dad. for me Uncia will never replace Juniors but is helping me. He is helping me not in oblivion, but in the realization of the put farm purpose.  He is the best parting gift from my dearest tomcat which stole my heart to the entire life.


He took juniors from his parents everything what best.  From Neapolitaniya beautiful big eyes and the expressive brake light.  From Unique the chin, hassocks, the very long tail, the slender figure and miraculous character.


The colour of his eyes is so remarkable and very rare, that what exhibition of mum correction of the colour.  He is laughing, that cannot decide. The daddy had one blue but second amber eye. Little boy both the same, but in turn not for the determination.  The fate played a trick on us.


He adores hands, games but is a great individualist.  Everywhere he is feeling all right provided that we are together.  Even he isn't becoming stressed during exhibitions.  He is a wonderful companion.  But how to his young age he is real Mr Kot how my husband is describing him.  He is moving as the lion, full of the seriousness and the grace.


As the breeder he is associating great hopes with him.


Date-Place / Evaluation / Judge

2011.12.04.  Warsaw / Ex 1 (3-6 months) / Mrs. Helene Reiter, DE

2012.01.28.  Legionowo / Ex 1 (3-6 months) / Mr. Rolf Voehringer, CH

2012.01.29.  Legionowo / Ex 1, NOM Encore (3-6 misięcy) / Mr. Ad de Brunijn, NL

2012.06.23, Olsztyn / Ex 1, BIV / Mrs Eva Wieland-Schilla, CH

2012.06.24, Olsztyn / Ex 1 / Mrs. Francoise Dubois, FR

2012.08.04, Sopot / Ex 1, CAC, BIV, NOM BIS / Mrs. Vesna Riznar-Resetic, HR

2012.08.05, Sopot / Ex 1, CAC, BIV / Mr. Vladimir Isakov, RU

2012.09.08, Warszawa / Ex 1, CAC, NOM BIS / Mrs. Anne Paloluoma-Sundholm, FI



2012.09.09, Warszawa / Ex 1, CACIB, BIV / Mrs. Stephanie Serrai, DK

2012.09.22, Bydgoszcz / Ex 1, CACIB, NOM BIS / Mr. Marek Chadaj, PL

2012.10.06, Litwa, Wilno / Ex 1, CACIB / Mr. Alfred Wittich, CH



2012.10.07. Litwa, Wilno / Ex 1, CAGCIB / Mr. Glenn Sjobom, SE

2012.10.13. Białystok / Ex 1, CAGCIB / Mr. Steven L. Jones, NO

2012.10.14. Białystok / Ex 1, CAGCIB, BIV / Mr. Ireneuz Pruchniak, PL

2012.12.01. Warszawa / Ex 1, CAGCIB / Mr. Jorgen Biling, DK

2012.12.02. Warszawa / Ex 1, CAGCIB / Mr. Marttin Peltonen, SE

2013.09.14. Warszawa / Ex 1, CAGCIB, NOM BIS / Mrs. A. Laura Burani-Rerrari, IT

2013.09.14. Warszawa / Ex 1, CAGCIB, NOM BIS / Mrs. Ulrika Eriksson, SE

2013.10.05. Litwa, Kowno / Ex 1, CAGCIB / Mr. Gianfranco Mantowani, IT



2013.10.06. Litwa. Kowno / Ex 1, CACS, NOM BIS / Mrs. Eva Wielend Schilla, CH

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