• GIC Merloni Neapolitaniya

    Imported from Russia
    born on 8th May 2010
    colour: red and white bicolor (d 03)
    father:  EGCH Enneking Zherar Le-Grand Oray
    mother: Merloni Joeline
    blood group: A

  • De Bliss Elizaveta

    Imported from Ukraina

    born on: 28.09.2011

    colour: blue mink (a 32)

    father: Baby Rah Fearless

    mother: Grand Oray Hazy

    blood grop: A

  • Jabba My Sphynx

  • RedAngel Ulli Ulli

    Imported from Italy

    borm on: 15.03.2013

    colour: blue solidus (a)

    father: RedAngel Orlando Furioso

    mother: RedAngel She Devil

    blood type: A

  • Euphoria Belator

    Imported from Russia

    born on: 05.09.2012

    colour: blue tortoiseshell Harlequin (g 02)

    father: Nostalgie Chopper

    mother: Nina Nana Belator

    blood group: A

  • Endora My Sphynx

    borm on: 20.05.2014

    colour: blue mink (a 32)

    father: Baby Rah Monn Kiss Tarkus

    mother: De Bliss Elizaveta

    blood type: A


  • IC Baby Rah Moon Kiss Tarkus

    Imported from Russia

    born on: 06.10.2010

    colour: seal of messages white bicolor (n03 33)

    father: GCH Bredberry Geniality

    mother: ICH Baby Rah Britania

    blood type: A