• 19.08.2012

Ulenka went to the new house


On the day of 8 August Ulenka went home for Ms Asia which lives in Białystok with the husband by Mr Andrzej and super with kids: with Tomek and Ola.  I felt barzo unpleasantly to say goodbye to her, because was supposed to stay in my breeding.

But well, of what oneself ie is doing his cat for the good.  If so much he loves himself one should watch the animal fortunately, rather than one's.  I only hope that the girl will be szcześliwa in the new family which will fall in love with her this way as I I love her very much.  Ulenko kisses on the new way of the life.  And I wish the family so that Ulenka falls in love with them very firmly - I am assuring that he can!!!


I thank Ms Asia for the light switch and sent photographer from their life.